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How We're Different

The Stronghold Difference

The Stronghold Difference

First and foremost, we're personable. Too many advisers are aloof, unapprachable and arrogant. That's not us.

Second, we bring a level of creativity and unique thinking to our clients that is unsurpassed in the financial world. That's because we're independent advisers. This means we don't answer to big investment banks telling us what we can and can't offer our clients.

For example, most advisers only offer only the most basic investment solutions. Stocks, bonds, ETFs and mutual funds. There's nothing new and different there. We prefer to push the envelope to include a wide variety of investments that can often out-perform the basics.

Examples of what makes us different:

- Premium Financing (OPM Retirement)

- Cryptocurrency and Digital Asset Trading Desk

- Multi-family Real Estate

- Commercial Real Estate

- Opportunity Zone Development

- Private Equity

- Venture Capital

- Precious Metals Mining