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Stronghold Financial Bespoke Financial and Medicaid Planning

What We Do

We regularly witness the stress that can overwhelm families when facing some of life’s toughest financial challenges, such as:


How to participate in stock market upside while eliminating downside risk


Navigating the extremely complex ALTCS system


How to minimize the deferred tax hit on qualified assets like 401(k)s & IRAs


How to afford quality long-term care


Maximizing estate value for your family

Stronghold Financial medicaid and estate planning

Our Services

Creating a solid financial plan ensures that you and your family live a stress-free life of abundance. And if you’re like 75% of the population and you either didn’t plan ahead for long-term care, or your plan doesn’t provide adequate resources, we will qualify you for ALTCS quickly by taking over the entire application process for you.

Bespoke financial planning and financial risk management solutions.

Custom strategies to grow and protect your assets.

Custom ALTCS planning and maintenance.

Qualify for ALTCS in 2-6 weeks with our hands-on approach.

Stronghold Financial Our Core Values

Who We Are

An intelligent, caring, experienced and ethical team dedicated to bringing the utmost value to you, our client. Our hands-on approach results in a clear understanding of you and your family’s needs, and the very best strategy to fit those needs. We take our fiduciary responsibilities very seriously, so your best interests are always our top priority.

Our core values:






Peace of mind


Do the right thing

Our Medicaid Planning Process

Initial Consultation (Free)

We meet with you at a location of your choosing to understand your exact situation and needs. We gain an understanding of your medical condition(s), financial position, family objectives, and any additional risks which may not have been previously identified. From this meeting, we will devise the best strategy to accomplish your long-term care objectives.

Presentation of the Plan (Free)

After careful research, informed by our experience and track record, we carefully present the plan we’ve designed for you by laying out various options, with recommendations on which option will provide the best results. We will also provide you with a contract and a fixed fee for our services should you decide to retain us.

Execution of the Plan (Fixed Fee)

Now we roll up our sleeves and get the ALTCS application done quickly and efficiently all while communicating regularly with you so you know exactly what is going on each step of the way. No one is more hands-on than we are when it comes to executing ALTCS Planning. And for this reason, we typically obtain ALTCS approval for our clients in about three weeks — often less.

Medicaid Maintenance (Subscription)

Getting ATLCS benefits is one thing. In Arizona, where annual reviews occur, staying on ALTCS is another. Because of this, over 33% of ALTCS recipients lose their benefits due to financial mismanagement and a plain lack of understanding of how to stay financially compliant. Our ALTCS Maintenance plan takes the stress and guesswork out of keeping your ALTCS benefits for as long as you live.

Request a free consultation:

Let Us Simplify Your Financial Challenges

We look forward to learning more about your situation and using our hands-on approach to customize a plan that works for you and your family!

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