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If you are close to, or already below the income and asset limits for ALTCS financial eligibility, you’ve come to the right place.

Did you know that over 75% of first time ALTCS applicants never receive benefits because they are denied, withdraw, or give up out of frustration? Those who do receive benefits can take six to twelve months if they attempt to apply on their own. The ALTCS application process is extensive and confusing but Stronghold Financial’s experienced team makes the process painless and can get you qualified in about three weeks – often less.

What is ALTCS?

ALTCS stands for Arizona Long Term Care System and is part of AHCCCS which is funded by Medicaid. ALTCS is a state-administered insurance which helps Arizona residents pay for long term care. This program is available to eligible applicants who are elderly, physically or developmentally disabled, and require long term medical assistance.

The ALTCS Application Process

Stronghold Financial uses a hands-on approach to get you or your loved one approved for ALTCS benefits quickly and with little effort from you. During your free initial consultation, we will learn more about you and answer any questions you may have. We will help you to collect all the information we need in order to submit the application and make sure nothing is missing. We also ensure that you meet all the requirements, so you don’t get denied the benefits you need.

How We Accelerate The ALTCS Application Process

  • We explain the ALTCS application process in terms you will understand and answer all your questions
  • We meet with you in the location of your choice
  • We provide hands-on, in-person coaching and guidance on the best way to approach the PAS (medical) Assessment
  • We gather all your medical and financial records ahead of time
  • We ensure you meet the financial eligibility requirements before we apply for ALTCS
  • We become your authorized representative with the ALTCS office, so all communications and work effort is done by us
  • We take virtually everything off your plate
  • Get you approved – fast!

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Common questions

How do you get ALTCS approvals so quickly?

We are the most hands-on ALTCS planning firm in the state of Arizona. No one goes the extra mile like we do and we know what the ALTCS office needs in order to approve your application.

Someone told me I need to “spend down” all my money before I can apply for ALTCS. Is that true?

“Spend down” is a technical term used across the USA to describe the process of lowering one’s spendable assets in order to get them below the eligibility limits. It does not literally mean that you must spend every last dollar you have until you are broke. Call us and we can explain the right way to “spend down” given your specific circumstances.

Will you come meet with me in my hospital or skilled nursing facility?

We’ll come wherever you need us to in order to get the process started as long as the location is safe.

I have a revocable/living/family trust. The assets within the trust aren’t counted by ALTCS for eligibility purposes, right?

Actually, they are. Any funds or assets within a revocable trust are considered part of your spendable asset base. Even your primary residence, which would normally be exempt if it were deeded to you individually, is considered a countable asset if it is held in a revocable trust.

What can I do if I was on ALTCS, but lost my benefits due to falling out of financial compliance?

Call us immediately. We can review your situation and may be able to help remedy the problem to get you your ALTCS benefits back. We can also ensure you never lose your ALTCS benefits again.

What are your fees?

Our initial consultation is free. Presentation of the plan is free. If you retain us, our fixed fees start at $3,000 (if you are already financially eligible for ALTCS), and increase depending on the complexity of the case.

I was told I earn too much income to qualify for ALTCS, is that true?

As long as you earn less than $7,130 per month, we can qualify you for ALTCS using a very specific tool called a Miller Trust.

What if I already applied for ALTCS benefits and got declined?

Once denied, we can reapply for you immediately. In most cases, we can identify what went wrong with your previous application and fix it. Call us, and we’ll meet to get the process started.

Do I need to apply for Social Security, Social Security Disability, SSI, or Veterans Benefits before I apply for ALTCS?

Yes. It is a good idea to apply for any and all federally-available income sources before you apply for ALTCS. We can help you with this too.

Can I hire you for my family member?

Certainly! In fact, our clients are almost always a family member or friend related to the ALTCS applicant.

Do you do Medicaid applications in other states besides Arizona?

We do and we have in the past. Each state has its own unique laws and rules regarding Medicaid, and we must adhere to those precisely. Call us and we will let you know if we can accommodate your needs in other states.

Do you work on ALTCS applications for the developmentally disabled?

Yes, although we specialize in the elderly and physically disabled.

I keep hearing about the “five year look back”. What’s that?

ALTCS strictly forbids transferring wealth or gifting assets for five years prior to applying for benefits. For each $7,130 you’ve transferred or gifted, you will incur a one month penalty during which you must wait to receive benefits. After five years, any transfer or gift is not considered.

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