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Who Will Get Your Retirement Money? You, or the IRS?

June 17, 2020

If you, your family or friends are concerned about rising taxes and how that will negatively affect your financial future (and honestly, you should be), please read on.

As part of COVID19 financial relief (CARES Act of 2020), the US Federal Government and the IRS have relaxed penalties and taxes for people who want to access up to $100,000 of their IRA money now (in 2020).

This is HUGE, because it gives people the ability to move their money out of taxable accounts NOW, while taxes are “on sale” and in a low-tax, low-interest environment, and put them in a tax-free investment vehicle instead.

We call this strategy the “IRA Reset”*.

Benefits of the IRA Reset:

  • 100% tax-free income when you retire, usually for life
  • Grow your money with an uncapped upside with no downside risk
  • Leave a legacy for your loved ones
  • No out-of-pocket taxes, expenses or fees

How the IRA Reset works:

  • Distribute your money from a Qualified plan (IRA, SEP, etc). before age 60
  • The usual 10% penalty for early distribution is waived under the CARES Act
  • Place this money into an uncapped cash value insurance product
  • Taxes owed from the IRA distribution will be spread 33.3% over 3 years under the CARES Act (instead of 100% next year)
  • Take loans from the insurance policy to cover the tax bill over the next three years
  • Wait until retirement and take tax-free income of $18,000+/year per $100,000 invested – completely immune from future taxes!

If you or a loved one are under 60 years old, are relatively healthy, and have an IRA or SEP IRA, contact me now at (602) 614-2382 or reply to this email at to learn more.